Water Features and Accessories

A great pool provides years of fun and pleasure for your family and guests. The addition of a spa or other water feature allows you to create a truly stunning environment for entertainment and relaxation.

Water Features

For that added statement of chic, consider a custom water feature, again limited purely by your imagination. The styles and designs are endless, from contemporary water walls with stack stone cladding and sheer descent water blades incorporating illusion fibre optic effects to the traditional rustic rock waterfall.

A spa can be added to your design, either as a separate structure or joined to the main pool. Waterwalls, water blades or feature lighting can be used to enhance your project and bring a unique, luxurious touch to your property.

Talk to Aquatech Pools about how we can make your dream swimming pool a reality.


Aquatech Pools will provide you with the latest in technology, ensuring you get the most enjoyment from your swimming pool:

  • Solar, gas and electric heating systems
  • Solar pool covers and roller systems
  • LED or fibre optic lighting systems
  • Automatic chemical dosing systems
  • Remote FM operation of all pool equipment
  • Motorized valve arrangements
  • Spa hydrotherapy jets and swim jet systems
  • Automatic pool cleaners
  • In-floor automatic cleaning systems
  • Water Levellers
  • Air Blowers
  • Aluminium Pool fencing
  • Semi and Frameless Glass Fencing
  • Energy saving devices